Winston: Massimo Capuano of Compagnia degli Gnomi
Julia/ The Nurse: Chiara Meloni of Compagnia degli Gnomi
Big Brother: Anasma


The Little Devil/ Winston’s Consciousness/Charlie Chaplin/ G-LoveStein: Anasma
Love Army Dancers: Apsara Habiba, Alex – Alayah, Inga – Safiyya, Stefanie – Asita, Liza – Karanfilia, Judith – Munya Budur, Eva Stephan
Dance Captain for the Love Army: Apsara Habiba


Original idea: Anasma and Pierre Rajau-Vuong
Artistic Direction and Conception: Anasma
Script: Anasma, based on George Orwell’s “1984” and “Chance is Back” album lyrics
Dramaturgical Consultant/ Directing Consultant: Chiara Meloni
Staging: Anasma, Chiara Meloni, Massimo Capuano
Choreography: Anasma
Production: Anasma World Citizen Dance, Sarra Vuong
Executive Production: Anasma World Citizen Dance


Musical Producer: Composition, Arranging, Mixing, Mastering: Omar Blastermind
Song writing, Lead Vocals, Chorus: Anasma


Editing, Hawaii Video, Big Brother Video: Lea Amiel and Nicolas Libersalle of Lea et Nicolas Features


Big Brother Photography: Margaux Rodrigues
Other photos: Joe Marquez, Fabio Torrico, Fernando Naiberg, Andre Elbing, Konztanze Wrinkler, Andre Bougot, Jocelyne Chaineux, Julia Yakovleva, Antonello Turchetti, Elena Indoitu


Anasma, Nicolas Libersalle, Chiara Meloni


Set design: Anasma, Chiara Meloni, Massimo Capuano
Lighting design:  Anasma, Chiara Meloni, Massimo Capuano, Kai –Ti Kao, Ansgar and Michelle Tanzhaus Dusseldorf
Stage manager: Philip
Sound and video technician: Benedict


Devil costume, G-LoveStein –Style, cut, assembly: Sandralis Gines
Devil collar and dollar cape: Bloodrose Nur
Europia 2014 Costumes (Big Brother, Winston, Julia): Anasma and Chiara Meloni
Consciousness : Firefly Style
Charlie Chaplin: Sarra Vuong and Anasma


Raqsie Muraskin, Jenny Nichols, Mohamed Saidi D, Gerard Tiffay, Marcel and Konstanze of Hagalla


Rudi, Micha, Micha , Michelle, Andre Elbing, Fabio Torrico, Hartmut, Rea


I want to thank each one of you deeply for all that you contributed to the show, your artistry, your time, your friendship, patience and understanding hard times, sharing good ones and being here for this whole experience with me and with each other.
We have created something very special, magical that I hope we keep taking in many other parts of the world! Paris, NYC, Rome… and more!
I do believe this show is a new page for the Arts because it is original, committed, powerful, a fusion of many different art forms and dance styles, and very very actual and contemporary.
It is especially a change in my artistic life because I stepped up a notch and would have not been able to say all this without every single one of you. So thank you for being part of this growth!!
Thank you Audience!! for witnessing this new step in my artistic evolution, being here with us, giving your feedback, for enjoying the show!
I want to thank Chiara and Massimo of Compagnia Degli Gnomi deeply for they fabulous acting talents. Thank you also helping me mastermind the whole show. Thanks for helping with lighting design,  hahaha 😉 Thank you for consult-directing, coaching me on some scenes and being an external set of eyes.Thank you for your logistical /manual help: sawing!/ builidng props, booking/ confirming tickets . Thank youfor adapting to my dancer’s way! dictator/ director comments and making beautiful, truthful, attaching characters out if it.
I am proud of you both. Thank you for making this magic happen and for holding the fort. Everybody lovedyou both.
Aspara Habiba, thank you for being my big sister and our healer-guardian angel with me, Chiara and Massimo. Warrior-sister. 🙂 Thanks for helping me with all the logistics, driving us, picking us at the airport, train, helping carry things around, going to the hospital, offering us lodging, taking vital relaxing time, cooking for us your delicious oatmeal and noodle soup. I wait for you in PARIS!!!!!!! I wish to keep sharing way more with you for a long long time.
Alex, Apsara, Azita, Eva, Inga, Judith, Liza, thank you all for dancing with your hearts, for your time and hard work. it paid off and I am very proud of your all, your progress, your achievement. Thank you all for your generosity and availability on stage and during rehearsals.
Omar Blastermind, thank you for composing great music, that was the base of the whole show: dance, video… Thanks for sharing our ups and downs and keeping pleasure in the whole composition process. Looking forward to have you live on stage with us, inchallah 🙂 and thank you for driving all the way to us and bowing with us!! Very special ! Thank you for pushing me to sing day 1!
Margaux Rodrigues, Thank you so much for this photoshoot dedicated to the project. Without you ,a ll my design work and all the video work would not have been possible. You rock and have been so sweet throughout the whole process! Looking forward to work with you again in Paris.
Joe Marquez of Smoking Camera, Fabio Torrico, Fernando Naiberg, Andre Elbing, Konztanze Wrinkler, Andre Bougot, Joce Jocelyne Chaineux, Julia Yakovleva, Antonello Turchetti, Elena Indoitu thank you so much for  providing additional beautiful shots that were also on the projection. Youwere all with me in my heart.
Nico, Lea of Lea et Nicolas features, thanks for the gorgeous images and genius editing. Thanks for training me indirectly on Final cut pro too 🙂 The projection added so much to the show , not only esthetically but also meaning wise. I am grateful you were able to work with me again on this new project after the music video in Hawaii. It created continuity. I am so lucky to work with talented artists like you!
Sandralis Gines Gonzales (ooohhhh!!!), Sarra Vuong, Fire Fly Style, Nera Brent, Tim Laurel, Bloodrose Nur thank you for you help with the costumes!!! and for dressing me up over the years 😉 🙂
Dominique Lesdema, Heartpoint Studio, Thierry Verger, Bastien Nozeran, Linda Faoro, Daniel III Future E.O.F, Damon Frost, Marcelo Tessari, Marisol Espinosa, Gui Alves, Richmond Shepard, Ivan Baccioci, Atelier de Belleville, Ecole de mime corporel, Lei the Night, Chimel Laurence Cohen, Veronique Murillo of Vocal Mania, Laure Balon, all my teachers!!  thank you all for being inspiration youhave brought to me movement wise, body wise. Thank you for having helped me build a new corporal/ vocal language.
A HUGE ENORMOUS THANK YOU to CENTRE DU GALION for letting me use their spacious fantastic room and to support artists like you do. I would not have been able to rehearse this show if it was not foryou. Merci Carlo,  Brahim, Jean-Luc, Olivier, Fadela.
Thank you also Tomaso and Centro Danza Perugia for welcoming us in their amazing a space!
Thank you also  La Calle in Italy, Master Ali Duendar for renting us his spacious and comfortable Tae Kwon Do studio in Koln.
Fabio Torrico, Hartmut Schug, Andre Elbing, Rea, Konstanze Wrinkler, thank you all for the gorgeous photos taken during the show and that will help us promote the show and bring it other places!! Special thanks to Fabio who made a special trip from Perugia, Italy especially for the show.
Rudi, Micha and Micha, a deep deep thank you for shooting the show!
Rudi Von Kapff of Yasalam, I am can’t say how grateful I am that you are taking risks with me and investing your time and artistry to help me make a great DVD out of the show! I hope we sell the show a lot and the DVDs too!!Thank you as well for you amazing good energy and good mood and helping me coordinate the whole filming crew/ technical crew. Thank you as well for believing in me so much and for having me with Gamila in Ingolstat so soon!!
Thank you Gamila A. Von Kapff  , Deva Matissa for your delightful company and support! See you soon!!!!
Dorothee Schackow and Manis Sjahroeddin thank you for your trust and from programming the show at theTanzhaus Dusseldorf, as apart of the Orientale Festival. Thank you for helping me produce the show with the residence and by booking many workshops. I appreciate your support. Thank you to the wholeTanzhaus team: Sascha, Petra, Linda, Catherine, Tina, I am forgetting the name of the lady who helped me book the rooms to rehearse.
Dorothee, Bruno Assenmacher, thank you for your constructive feedback. Extremely valuable.
AnsgarMichelle, Benedict, Philip, thank you to the whole TANZHAUS lighting/ sound/ stage managing team! Thank you for helping me with all my questions before the show and for making it happen! Sorry for the multiple but necessary adjustments. Next time, hopefully, I can get a good lighting designer from the beginning/ maybe you can recommend me one. 🙂
Raqsie, Jenny, thank you both so much for your help with promotion, making the, writing the press release, elaboration the Kickstarter campaign, validating the texts. You ladies rock and immense help.
Mohamed Saidi thank you for inviting press.
Marcel Bieger, Konstanze Wrinkler, Rea of Hagalla thank you so much for attending the show , helping me promote before with the interview. I appreciate your all time support. I really hope you  enjoyed it. I am sorry I did not get to talk with you a lot after the show. My family was here and I wanted to have the most time with them. On Saturday, we had the stress for Chiara and Massimo’s ticket…
Thank you Titta and Cibruscola Queri Rosanna Rita Meloni, Djevat for your logistical help and friendship and good laughs. 
Mom, thank you for your support always! Morally, financially, for feeding and caring for me during the whole preparation period, helping with me with props, transportation…
Pierre, Fred Rajau, Marie Rajau, Lauren Rajau, Hella, Gregoire Chaney, Lee, Co Kinh, Viet, Angie, Chalbi, Radhia, all my family…, Sandralis Gines, Adrien Darel, Jenny Nichols, Blanca Odalisca, Tjarda Van Straten, Amy Staub, Claire Laugero Maela, Emilie Chanussot, Laure Porche, Linda Faoro, Kyle Scott Ellis, Zoe Anwar, Farid, Marcelo, Marisol, Alima L’americania, Ranya, Kelley, Amy Staub, Anita Wei, Fatim Biaz, Yasmine Salahdine, Julie Papandinas, Rahma Bel Bachir Assante, Julien Parize, Clara Kagan, all my friends… thank you also for believing in me so much, for being a witness of the evolution of this project from it’s baby step, for traveling from so far. Also for your moral support!

Pierre, mon chéri, merci d’être ma moitié, ma vie, ma muse. Je t’aime! Thank you for being my muse, the love of my life and the inspiration to this story, this storyline, for connecting me to Omar before day 1, to Nico and Lea and believing in me not only as an artist, dancer, singer, but also as a woman. I would not be where I stand without you. This show is truly our baby that I happily carried for a few month. Wow hard labor. haha. But what a relief seeing what we created 🙂

INFINITE Thank you to all the generous kickstarter Donors!! Your gifts and support warm my heart grandly and give me hope to achieve this dream with the support of generous backers!! Love you all.
We will complete the list soon! Help us raise $10000 on <a href=”; target=”_blank”> Kickstarter now</a>! We only have till March 27!.
Thank you George Orwell, Charlie Chaplin, The Prisoner, Michael Jackson, The Real French Revolutionaries for inspiring me.
Watch the amazing photos taken by the great photographers: Fabio Torrico, Hartmut Schug and Andre Elbing!
So the next goal is to further perfect the show and bring it to new audiences…

– Anasma