ANASMA Love army by Konztanze Winkler

Special thanks to the many donors who contributed to our Kickstarter campaign! We are so incredibly grateful to each and every name on this list! This was an ambitious project on many levels and your generosity will help us in so many ways. Thank you from the cast and crew of “1984…2014”! I also want to express my love and gratitude for each of you and everyone who shared the campaign with their family and friends. This was truly a group effort. We could not have done this without you. Onward!- Anasma

Alexis Southall
Amy Staub
Anchyi Wei
Angeline Vuong
Anita Wai
Anne-Laure Francois
Annelies Jansen
Apsara Habiba
Arno Schoonaard
Binita Haria
Blanca Odalisca
Brenna Crowley
Carol Henning
Clara Kagan
Co Ann and Chu Thanh
Eliana Hofmann
Elizabeth Irwin
Emeline Nandrot
Emilie Chanussot
Emilie Cia Exotika Brisset
Eva Tennfjord
Even Dew
Fabio Torrico
Fannie Lëz’arts Déko
Fatim Biaz
Gaia Dunia Rai
Ha Duat
Hai V.
Isabelle Chabanon-Pouget
Jenny Cohen
Jenny Nichols
Jessica Baker
Judith Hanl
Julie Papandinas
Kai-Ti Kao
Karanfilia Liza Langer
Karen Ortiz
Kathleen Bailey
Kelley McKinnon
Kim Leary
Krista Sassani
Laure Porché
Lee V.
Lee Wedgeworth
Leyla Tureli
Lindsay Manning
Lomuna Mim
Long family
Maria Rita Qualadrucci
Marie, Fred and Lauren Rajau
Marta Eres Cia Exótika
Michela Franceschelli
Mindy V.
Minh & Cuong
Philippa Gebhardt
Rachel O.
Radhia Kastally
Rahma Bel Bachir
Raphael Magnin
Safiyyah (Inga Heppner)
Sandralis Gines Gonzalez
Sarra Vuong
Sean McGarry
Sheba Remy Kharbanda
Suncica Dropulic
Tjarda Van Straten
Tram family
Victoria Bone Pearl Boheme
Victoria Schönefeld
Viet & Nam
Yuliya Guz
Ziep and Truc
Zoe Anwar
Zoé Van de Kerckhove